Dual Credit
Austin High School offers Dual Credit classes for Juniors and Seniors in the core academic and career and technology areas.
In order for a student to be enrolled in a Dual Credit course, the student must be eligible for college credit-bearing courses based on:
            PLAN, PSAT, ACT, SAT, TAKS or TSI

Once a student is enrolled in a Dual Credit course, the student will earn high school credit for graduation while earning college course credit.  The college course credit will be reflected on an official college transcript. Dual credit grades of 80% or higher will count as a DAP Measure and receive Bonus Points on GPA

Pre-AP  and AP Courses

Recommended for students with Level 3 STAAR or Commended TAKS

Austin High School offers Pre-AP and AP courses that challenge and enrich motivated college-bound students to expand their education beyond the Regular/Recommended High School plan.

Pre-AP coursework develops advanced skills and provides content background to prepare students for the college-level work of Advanced Placement (AP) courses for the Advanced Placement exams. AP courses have strategies/curriculum that are driven by College Board.  Students enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the AP exam at the end of the semester to determine weighted credit appropriately.

Weighted courses: (for GPA)
Pre-AP:                        .5  increase weight
AP or Dual Credit          1.0 increase weight