Graduation Requirements

26 Credit Recommended High School Program (RHSP)

Students who enter the 9th grade on or after 2007-2008 must earn at least 26 credits to complete the requirements of the Recommended Plan. When students complete these requirements, they will most likely have met the core curriculum requirements to enter a major four year college or university. Students on the Recommended High School Program must take the following courses:

English I, English II, English III, English IV 4.0
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and a fourth math course 4.0
Biology, Chemistry and Physics plus an additional lab-based course 4.0
Social Studies
World Geography Studies (one credit),
World History Studies (one credit),
United States History Studies (one credit),
United States Government (one-half credit)
Economics 0.5
Physical Education
One credit to any course relating to Personal Fitness, Major Sports, JROTC or Band
One-half credit 0.5
One-half credit in Communication Applications 0.5
Technology Applications
One credit 1.0
Fine Arts
One credit in any course relating to skills for Fine Arts 1.0
Languages Other Than English
Foreign Language
Any two levels of the same foreign language 2.0
Elective Courses
4 Credits may be selected from the list of courses approved by the State Board of Educatiion

Students must also pass the an exit level exam.  See your counselor for details.

Distinguished Achievement High School Program (DAP)

The Distinguished Achievement High School Program recognizes students who demonstrate levels of performance equivalent to college students or work done by professionals. This graduation plan not only requires credits in certain courses, but also has an advanced measures component.

The DAP requires the same course requirement as the RHSP with:
One (1) additional credit of a language other than English
(for a total of three (3) credits).
Also, in order for a student to be eligible to graduate on the DAP they must achieve any combination of four specific advanced measures.  Talk with your counselor for details.
The Distinguished Achievement Program requires high performance beyond that demonstrated by students in high school. Students initiate the Distinguish Achievement Program with their counselor.

El Paso I.S.D. has additional graduation plans for transfer and new students. These plans require parental, counselor, and administrative approval. Students must see their counselor for more information. 

Foundation Plan Distinguished Achievement
Students who enter the 9th grade on or after 2014-2015 will graduate under the Foundation Plan Distinguished Achievement.  Students must earn 26* credits in the following areas:
English        `                            4 Credits
Math                                         4 Credits
Science                                     4 Credits
Social Studies                            3 Credits
Foreign Language (LOTE)           2 Credit
Physical Education                     1 Credit
Fine Arts                                   1 Credit
Speech (Comm Apps)               .5 Credits
Endorsement and Electives        4.5+ Credits

Current Local Requirements
1 Credit Technology
0.5 Credit 
4th yr Social Studies

*Credit requirements in each subject area may be adjusted by the state in the final form

Grade Placement Credit Criteria

Grade 9           up to  6.0 credits
Grade 10    ↔  6.5 – 12  credits
Grade 11    ↔ 12.5 – 18 credits
Grade 12    ↔ 18.5 – 26 credits