Apply to the Public Service Magnet Program

How can I apply to the Public Service Magnet Program?  

The Sandra Day O'Connor Public Service Magnet Program accepts applications year round. 
Once applications are received by the Magnet Program Coordinator the application requirements are verified prior to proceeding with the entry process.  The requirements for the Magnet Program are:

1.  Must have an 70% or higher average in the core courses (Math, English, Science, Social Studies).  Note:  Applicants are ranked for selection based on GPA in the core courses.

2.  Must have a passing score on last State examination.

3.  Must have a minimum 90% attendance rate.

4.  Must have a good discipline record (drug, weapon, or violence offenses are automatic disqualifications).

Applicants will be selected for the Magnet Program starting with the highest GPA in the core courses and the cutoff is 70%.

Those interested in the Public Service Magnet Program may obtain the application at the link below:


CURRENT CADETS: The application form for the next school year is available when you click here.

Completed applications may be mailed to:

Austin High School-SDOA (Academy)
3500 Memphis
El Paso, TX  79930


Scanned and emailed to


Hand-carried to Austin High School