Competitions Available for Students-Law Enforcement

Building Search                                      Panther
The purpose of this competition is to evaluate a team’s ability to properly and safely conduct a building search.
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Open to a team of four members who are active SkillsUSA members enrolled in programs with Law Enforcement as the occupational objective. Team members must be from the same SkillsUSA chapter and not entered in the Criminal Justice Skills Contest or the Crime Scene Investigation Contest. One team per district will compete at the state level.

Scope of the Contest
Each three-person team will demonstrate their ability to perform a building search, demonstrating the following competences:

a. Explain and demonstrate a working knowledge of the
    laws governing the rules of search and seizure.
b. Explain and demonstrate a working knowledge of the
    laws governing the rules of arrest.
c. Demonstrate verbal and non-verbal communications
d. Demonstrate interpersonal skills.
e. Describe and demonstrate patrol procedures.
f.  Demonstrate tactical search procedures.
g. Demonstrate arrest procedures.
h. Demonstrate officer’s safety.
i.  Demonstrate proper and safe use of a firearm.
j.  Demonstrate proper handcuffing procedures.

Crime Scene Search
Contestants will be directed to the crime scene and briefed as to the situation. The contestants will, as a three-person team, process the crime scene. They will legally search for, properly collect and remove evidence of the crime. One member of the team will be required to lift a latent fingerprint from a preselected item of evidence. After the scene has been processed, the contestants will write their report, draw the crime scene sketch and mark their evidence.

Felony Traffic Stop
This is a two-person team event designed to test the competitors’ abilities to properly and safely conduct a Felony/High-Risk traffic stop.

The contest will consist of a felony traffic stop to be conducted by each two-person team, following the procedures outlined in the TCLEOSE Basic Peace Officer Course Instructor Guide, Section 27.

Patrol Preparation, unit 27.5.2 (Identify high-risk vehicle stops and demonstrate appropriate procedures). The technical committee will provide a properly equipped marked patrol car, handheld radios, a suspect vehicle, and a suspect(s) role player(s).

Each two-person team will demonstrate their abilities to perform a felony traffic stop. Each contestant should be able to:

• Explain and demonstrate working knowledge of
  constitutional laws governing rules of arrest
• Demonstrate communications and interpersonal skills
• Describe and demonstrate patrol procedure for
  traffic stops
• Demonstrate felony arrest/search procedure with
  emphasis on officer safety
• Demonstrate proper use of firearms
• Demonstrate proper felony handcuff procedure

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl
To test the knowledge of selected team members on various aspects of general academic knowledge, professional development (including, but not limited to: SkillsUSA Leadership Handbook, Professional Development Program, Total Quality Curriculum and Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised), and current events.

Criminal Justice
For students preparing to be police officers or to work in other areas of criminal justice. Typically this contest will utilize both written examination and practical exercises to evaluate the contestants’ abilities and knowledge of the field. The contestants are scored on their knowledge and application of U.S. Constitutional Law, written and verbal communications skills, and their ability to handle an entry-level law enforcement position.