Competitions Available for Students in Mock Trial





The Dallas Bar Association Mock Trial Committee is responsible for the organization and administration of the statewide high school mock trial program, which was established in 1979.

The program is organized through the 20 Texas Education Agency's Regional Service Centers, reaching approximately 200 Texas schools each calendar year, and involving about 2000+ students annually.

Thousands of high school students from across the state participate each year in this highly motivating, energetic, and challenging academic competition! The program provides a great way for students to gain an “insider’s view” of our judicial system, plus, they gain confidence speaking in front of others and have a lot of fun at the same time.

The competition is open to all high school students- public, private and home school. Former participants say that the benefits of preparation and participation in the mock trial program are well worth the time and effort spent. Attorneys and judges alike have been highly impressed with the caliber of the program, the students, and the sponsors.